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Scott & Kelley 

Our farming story began in rural western Pennsylvania, where we were high school sweethearts.  Rural life is in our blood, what with childhoods full of orchards and logging and thousands of acres of back woods.  But a professional detour to Washington D.C. after college got us a bit waylaid, and fourteen years later, we could talk your ear off about home building, counterterrorism, or our lovely children, but found ourselves with not much to show for our rural roots and dreams.  


Along the way, we were the odd ducks on our semi-urban street, spending spring and summer drying clothes on the line, putting in a garden, covertly raising backyard chickens, and driving hours to buy fruit by the bushel for canning.  Every fall, we would return from Pennsylvania with a quarter cow to put in the freezer.  But even with our "fixes," the pace of life quickened with each passing year, and we began to question the whole picture.  The pull grew stronger; we started dreaming out loud about returning to the country and giving our kids the chance to experience the wonder of a more rural life like we'd once known ourselves.  We started reading; glorious, eye-opening stuff about starting new, farming new, and farming not just for ourselves but for our community.  Farming in a way that honors the land, respects the animals, and nourishes the body.   

When we came across Edgegrove Farm it was overgrown and had been through a rough few years, but something about this place pulled at us to call it home.  It was more than we were looking for or imagined but we were drawn to all the possibilities that this farm held for our family, and we hope, others.  We said we would start slow.  So of course we had 40+ chickens, some turkeys, a livestock guardian dog, 2 sheep, 3 cats and a Jack Russell terrier (just because) within the first 2 months of moving in.  By January we had added 2 pregnant Berkshire pigs, an entire flock of sheep that were about to lamb, and some meat rabbits.  We were on our way to becoming farmers for our family, friends and community. 




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