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Spring breezes & farm babies

Everyone thinks of springtime being the onset of new life around a farm. It turns out that "springtime" starts in the winter. Our baby lambs and piglets start being born in January. Seeds need to be ordered by February. Placing an order for spring meat chicks in March is definitely too late to get first pick on the spring shipment dates.

I'm ok with needing to think about springtime in January and February. Over the past fast few years I've noticed that January and February are the hardest months for me - I struggle with cabin fever, the overall lack of daylight, no good place to send the kids out to play, and the time and energy it takes to keep water flowing for the animals. It's just not so fun. In the midst of this, the arrival of the farm babies is always special. In the heat of summer you get weary of dealing with sheep that get out of the their fencing and pigs that need to be moved and wonder if it's worth it. But, when you see those first little lambs or piglets, you get excited to do it all over again. Then the seed catalogs being arriving in the mailbox and suddenly all of the memories of weeding in the 90 degree heat fade and I have to temper myself from trying to grow every variety of tomato that exists.

This year's unusual heat waves in February make me feel like spring is really almost here. My mind tells me not to get too excited, but I have to be honest, I'm fine with no snow this year. It's a good year for early spring breezes.

#farming #spring #babyanimals #lambs #piglets #seeds #planting

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