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How I came to be a farmer

I never set out to be a farmer. I was raised in a rural area and always loved being outside, but that isn't how it happened. I've always enjoyed playing in the dirt and gardening. My summer job in high school and throughout college was working in a garden nursery and I was always bringing home marginal plants to nurse them back to life. I like animals and was raised around a laying flock, the occasional meat birds and my horse, but I can't say that completely inspired me. I think there's a lot messed up with our food system and would like to be part of the movement that provides another approach, but that's not completely why I ended up farming either. I love that I get to raise my children around all that is involved with farming and what it hopefully teaches and will instill in them; but that's not the whole story either. All of these factors (and some others) certainly played into our farm story, but at the very heart of the issue is something much more simple: I really love to eat. And cook. And share that with others.

So here I am farming. I love knowing that I personally was involved in raising and handling the ingredients use to cook our meals. It cultivates an appreciation for what goes into producing our food, certainty about its sourcing and quality, and allows me to have these amazing ingredients to work with and turn into nourishing, good food for those I love. There is something so deeply satisfying about the hard work that goes into farming and knowing that what is on your table comes from that work and from the land immediately around you. I've also learned that it makes us less wasteful with the food we have when we realize how much work went into putting it on the table! A little crazy? Maybe, but nothing makes me happier than getting into the kitchen and taking these ingredients and turning it into something beautiful and delicious...and enough to feed whomever may be over unexpectedly. Join us for dinner?

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