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Berkshires are a heritage breed pig originating in England from at least the 1600s and renowned for its superior meat characterized by rich flavoring, deep coloring and fine marbling.  Berkshires consistently produce sweet, tender, moist and juicy meat.  Chefs, taste tests and consumers repeatedly choose Berkshire pork as superior to all others and it simply cannot be compared to pork found in the supermarket.  


Our Berkshires live a healthy, stress-free lifestyle outside digging in dirt, roaming with other pigs, foraging on grass and nuts and eating fresh non-GMO pig feed with no growth hormones, antibiotics, and no added animal proteins.  All of our meat is butchered locally to minimize the stress of transportation and they are handled in a respectful and humane manner.  No water or flavoring solutions are added to our pork.  The hams and bacon are cured naturally without artificial nitrates and the sausage contains no MSG. This is all natural, good for you pork.

Heritage Berkshire Pork

Heritage Berkshire Pork

Pasture Raised Chicken

Our chicken is raised on pasture from the moment they are old enough to place them outside - around 3 weeks of age.  We primarily raise Freedom Ranger chickens, which were derived from an American and European heritage breed that was developed in the early 1960s to meet the high standards of the French Label Rouge Free Range animal husbandry program. We are aligned with this program, which utilizes free-range production methods to ensure the poultry's welfare, protect the environment and produce superior and healthy protein. 


Although we prefer the Freedom Ranger chickens, we occasionally raise the Cornish Cross
commercial chickens - the breed of chickens universally found in American grocery stores.  Regardless of breed, all our chickens are raised free-range on a constant supply of fresh forage. They are supplemented with grain from a local feed supplier who uses whole grains that are fortified with organic kelp, vitamins, probiotics, minerals and stringently tests for the presence of GMOs, pesticides and herbicides including glyphosate.  The results are superior pasture-raised healthy and happy chickens that provide a more nutrient dense protein: higher in iron, higher in Omega 3 and higher in antioxidants such as Vitamin E.  Put more simply, animals [all kinds] that are raised on pasture eat and live a healthier life which provides YOU with higher quality proteins to nourish your body.

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Pastured Hens

Our laying hens spend their days foraging outside eating insects and plants and scratching around in the dirt. The flock is an assortment of breeds that lay brown eggs, Ameraucanas that lay green eggs, and French Copper and Blue Marans, that lay dark chocolate colored eggs.  Pastured egg laying hens are truly the gold standard for both the quality of life they lead and the quality of the eggs produced. Our eggs have bright yellow yolks that don't run, firm egg whites and taste amazing.


There is nothing more perfectly simple and satifsying than cracking one of these eggs into the frying pan. 

Grass-Fed Angus Beef

At the moment the beef we are bringing to market is being raised in collaboration with our neighbor while we slowly build our own grass-fed beef herd.  The beef is raised without any growth hormones or antibiotics and is 100% grass-fed with the exception of small handfuls of barley given as a treat to train the steers to come to us. Why does that matter? Quite simply, it’s better for you. Conventional beef is fed a diet that includes grains, such as corn (that is almost certainly GMO), at some point. The diet of the cattle changes the nutrients and fats you in turn eat. When conventional and 100% grass-fed beef is compared, it has been shown that the grass-fed beef has heart-health benefits including:

  • Less total fatMore heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids

  • More conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat that is thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks

  • More antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E

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