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Pastured Chicken

Our chickens are a mix of Freedom Ranger and Cornish Cross that are allowed to free-range and forage on pasture.  Their diet is supplemented with non-GMO grain that is locally sourced and tested regularly to ensure it is glyphosate-free as well as pesticide and herbicide free.  Our chickens are then humanely processed on-farm with stringent attention to sanitary conditions but without the use of antimicrobial and chemical agent applications required and prevalent at commercial facilities. 

Chicken Larder

$120 (farm pick-up)/$130 (delivery)


Our chicken larder is an opportunity to stock up on our pasture raised chicken and is a better value than buying separately. It includes a mix of whole chickens for roasting and chicken parts.


3 Whole Chickens (approx. 3.75lb, 4lb, 4.5lb)

1 Package of Chicken Breasts

1 Package of Thighs

1 Package of Legs 


We are happy to deliver to Falls Church City, Hillsboro, Purcellville and Round Hill. We will also deliver to other locations within this radius if 5+ orders are consolidated to one location. Contact us to discuss this option.

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