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Farming and food the way you always imagined it

Farming is quintessential Americana and it inspires images of rolling hayfields, animals meandering over hillsides and through pastures, John Deere tractors and crowing roosters. It is the children's illustrated version we all remember from childhood and the one that savy advertisers continue to employ to make us feel good about our food purchases. The hard reality is that much of the farming that puts food on our tables looks nothing like these images and is anything but appealing. Yet, there is a growing resurgence of small farmers who are farming the way we always imagined:  raising animals on pastures and forage with plenty of space, fresh air and sunshine; no antibiotics; no hormones, no steroids, no GMOs; no confinement; no feed lots. Growing fruits and vegetables without saturating them in chemcials. Farming in a way that restores and improves the land. The result? A sustainable farm with happy, healthy animals and plants that produces pure, amazing, nutritious food. Edgegrove Farm is proud to be part of this movement.  Come and experience your local farm and its food. It really is the way you always imagined it. You won't be disappointed. 

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